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9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz vs Granite Countertops

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It has always been a battle for the home owners to choose out from the best materials available in the market. However, as far as designing your home is considered wonderful interiors have always attracted the modern generation. Due to this, it has been an interesting battle between granite vs quartz countertops.


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1. ) APPEARANCE: There is always a basic advantage when one opts to choose quartz. It can be crafted out with a basic controlled appearance. This makes it a huge advantage for the designers to choose out the material of quartz.


2.) COST: The other advantage for using Quartz is such that it can be available at a lower cost than granite. Thus people would always try to utilize it for designing the home. Thus it can also be stated that here also the winner for granite vs quartz countertops is quartz only.


3.) STRENGTH: Comparing the physical strength of the minerals, there are certain benefits for obtaining quartz. Infact, it can handle more physical strength than granite making the countertop more favorable for everyone. Thus it is highly beneficial to opt for quartz.


4.) HYGENIC: Another important factor behind the option of quartz is the hygiene utilized in the manufacture of it. Thus the purity of quartz is far much more than granite. This also helps in quartz to put out a name forward in the battle behind granite vs quartz countertops.


5.) COLOR: Colour consistency has always been a factor for why quartz is selected out as the best material. Placing out granite, quartz obtains a high stability in maintaining colour consistency. Also, it can be obtained in a handful range of colours giving the buyers a huge selection to buy from.


6.)  MAINTENANCE: There is one backlog in the maintenance of granite. In fact it has to be sealed everyday just because of preventing the growth of bacteria. Quartz here grabs the lead as regularity of sealing is not required.


7.) POROUS: One of the most important things that are to be considered is that granite is a porous stone which may lead to grow stains. However, it is just the case opposite for quartz. It is non porous and s certainly a better choice to by when compared between granite vs quartz countertops.


8.) SCRATCHES: Just because of the quality and the designs that are formed by quartz, there are a lesser number of scratches that can be formed. Infact due to the stunning composition of the granite, it can be easily noted that quartz turns up to be always a better choice.


9.) CLEANING: Cleaning has been another attraction for quartz as it is user friendly.


Comparing much between granite and quartz, it can be always stated that when it turns among a clash of the two, quartz comes up with specific advantages. Thus, the result between granite vs quartz ends up with quartz winning.


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