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Silestone Vs Caesarstone

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Silestone Vs Caesarstone


Silestone Vs Caesarstone


So, you are not sure as to which metal you should buy for your kitchen countertop Silestone or Granite. This post which I am writing should be able to assist you in your decision with regards to your query of which stone product to use for refinishing your countertop. I am going to go over both surfaces thoroughly but in the end it has to be you who must decide.


At the first instance some history on both: Silestone is considered to be naturally occurring quartz and is more popularly known for its beauty and strength. This is why when you use it that it’s simply amazing for creating kitchen silestone countertops. This stone is heat resistant and stain resistant. Not bad when utilizing for your countertops! You will be able to get it in the market in some truly breathtaking patterns and colors thereby making it ideal for the modern, high-end kitchen. It’s 100% natural and is tested for Radon. Radon is considered to be an odorless, colorless radioactive gas.


On the other hand your Granite will be a rock which is naturally occurring and is found in the Continental Plates all over the world. Its surface is extremely durable. This is what makes it to be a natural choice for countertops. It is also used for many different types of construction projects for both the home and commercial settings. Caesarstone has with it 93% quartz. On the other hand Silestone is composed of 90% quartz. The word granite comes from the Latin word for “Grain”, called so for its course grain appearance and feel. Here are some of the differences between the two for Silestone Vs Caesarstone:


Silestone Vs Caesarstone Color: You will be able to get in over 50 hues, patterns and designs. You will also be able to get in luxurious leather silestone. Granite is on the other hand in a win-win situation as it is available at over 120 colors, patterns and styles.


Silestone Vs Caesarstone Prices: Which surface should you select for your kitchen countertop will depend on the cost which you are prepared to pay. Silestone may cost you a bit more whereas on the other hand Granite is a bit cheaper. In this way granite works out to be a bit cheaper in comparison to cost.


Silestone Vs Caesarstone Cleaning: It s very easy to clean Silestone. This is because of its natural surface which is non-porous. On the other hand cleaning granite is a bit difficult as it requires to be sealed within the maker. Granite also needs some sort of upkeep maintenance so as to continuously reseal its surfaces. On the other hand Silestone is maintenance-free.


Warranty: You will be able to get Silestone with a 10 to 15 year warranty depending on the location and product that you have bought. Whereas Caesarstone will give you a lifetime warranty which is subject to certain limitations.


The Round-Up: It is not at all possible for you to go wrong when you choose either a Silestone or a Caesarstone quartz countertop as you decide to add more depth and style to your kitchen. Both of the companies will be able to provide you with an excellent list of manufacturers that have managed to build up an excellent and trustworthy reputation for providing the customers with their premium quality stone slabs and excellent follow-up customer service.


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