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Solid Surface Countertops vs Granite

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Solid Surface Countertops vs Granite

There are different kinds of countertops available and the two popular ones are the solid surface and granite countertops. The choice as to which one is better with solid surface countertops vs granite really depends on your own preference as they both have their own set of benefits and some drawbacks.

Solid Surface Countertops and Granite Properties
The solid surface countertops had been around for over 2 decades. They are commonly called as Corian and it was DuPont who introduced this type of countertop.  It is made up of an Acrylic resin and some polymer. The resin is heated and it turns into its liquid form and it’s shaped through a mold so any shape can be made.  It comes in different colors and designs. It gives you a smooth solid surface without any ridges or lines and it’s built to last for years and easy to maintain.

The granite countertops on the other hand is made of a slab of rock known as granite which can either be made from quartz, mica or feldspar. One large slab of this type of rock is needed to form a solid granite countertop without any ridges or lines.

Price comparison between solid surface countertops and granite countertops
With regards to cost there’s no comparison between solid surface countertops vs granite countertops.  The solid surface countertops come in a variety of prices depending on the grade level based on the amount of the mineral particles in it.  If the grade level is high, it would cost more as it would resemble that of granite.  Usually solid surface countertops are priced between $40 up to $90/sq.ft. as installed. With regards to Granite, it depends too if you want it a single cut slab or the tiles version. The smooth single cut granite countertop would cost between $70 to $100/sq.ft and that depends on the rareness of the granite and its color and also its pattern. For the precut ones, they are priced relatively lower.

Longevity of solid surface countertops vs. granite countertops
The solid surface countertops are smooth thus no mold or mildew could live on it. Just wipe it clean and it’s good to go. However, it is not resistant to heat so keep your hot pans away as this could damage your solid surface countertop. Keep it away from chemicals that could damage its surface but one thing great about its durability is that if there are chips or damages you can easily sand it out and refinish it.  It usually has a warranty between 10 to 15 years.

Granite countertops on the other hand is made from the strongest stone you can find from our nature and this means it’s very resistant from chipping, staining and scraping and they could last you a lifetime. One thing about keeping your granite resistant is by having it sealed every few years.

All in all, both these countertops are great and can last you for many years. Whatever type of countertop you wish to buy, make sure you think about your options first and find the best one that’s perfect for you.

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