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A nonporous, seamless surface that depicts the looks of granite and stone, making it a popular option for use in kitchen countertops due to its durability, acrylic material versatility, easy to repair texture and a long lasting of over 10 years. Owning countertops which is resistant to heat and is hardly stained, but in the case of a stain, can be easy wiped off with a touch is that one experience every busy kitchen should have. Aside resisting heat, solid surface countertops also show a great resistance to mildew and mold making it a great choice for food prep spot. Adding to the beauty of your kitchen is that non coated seamless appearance with glam of new reflective metallic colors imbued with gold or silver chips.
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Solid surface countertops has come to stay as it is making a great impact in keeping our kitchen surfaces neat and durable.Solid surface countertops which was first introduced under the name Corian by DuPot in 1967 comes in variety of color, texture and millions of styles to suit your home & beauty.Following advancement, this product which was commonly known as Corian has devised various names as a lot of manufacturers are on the market trend producing their own products which meet the same potential of real solid surface countertop.In recent times, these surfaces have been labelled in different names following a long list of varying manufacturers such as Swanston, Formica, Wilsonart, Staron and of course, Corian.
In our homes, solid surface countertops are useful as they can be effective used in areas such as shower and top surrounds, bathroom vanity tops as well as the kitchen countertops. Countertops are very versatile as they can be heated and bent into a three – dimensional shape in a process called thermoforming. They can be used to produce things such as sinks, bathtubs, shower pans and much more to suit our home needs. In a nutshell, solid surface countertops is simply defined as a any non- acrylic based manufactured product readily comprised of pigments, resins and minerals. Solid countertops comes with a lot of economic importance which makes it a suitable choice for your home especially the kitchen and bathtub since they serve an everyday purpose.
Economic importance of Solid surface countertops
Highly eco-friendly – Solid surface countertops are simple eco friendly – the best you could ask for. Made from recycled products of both pre-consumer and post consumer material are one surface we will always feel good to touch.
Low maintenance – Solid surface countertops requires little or no maintenance as even in your busy day you can easily keep it clean and shiny with just a wipe. It poses no stress of thorough cleaning as it doesn’t accumulate to itself. This is an amazing and mist rested feature of this product making it a must use for every home.
Cost effective – solid surface countertops are not too expensive making it an affordable commodity for every hand.
Edges and thickness – Edges can be shaped into limitless options with a half inch thickness in quality of material.
Start using those countertops your home deserves. Give your kitchen and bath tubs the attention it requires for a healthy and wealthy living. Think effectiveness, think solid surface countertops.
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