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Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops

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Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops

Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops


Samsung is one of the leaders in manufacturing consumer products such as cellular phones, TV and many others. Samsung is also the manufacturer of the Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops. Their factory is based in South Korea and they are able to manufacture low priced but high quality countertops and distribute it worldwide. In fact, their countertops are being used in many Asian countries for many years because they are built to last and are actually priced cheaper than their counterparts.


When you are going for a kitchen remodeling or you are building a new kitchen then going for a practical choice is ideal. The Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops are practical choices but beautiful choice for countertops. You can have it custom-made to create that one-piece countertop look that is usually quite expensive if with a different kind of countertop. If you choose a granite countertop you’d be spending a lot of money and it will cost so much more to get that one-piece countertop look. With Staron countertops you can go for the granite look you want at a much lower price and have it custom-made to meet your desires for your kitchen.


The Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops are not just for your kitchen but it’s also great for bathrooms as a bathroom vanity top. What’s great about this countertop is that it’s very easy to repair which means you need not worry about getting a new countertop again when it gets damaged. All you need is to sand out the cracks and scratches and it will look just like new again. That’s the advantage of using a pure acrylic material.


There are many advantages for this type of countertop. What’s so great about the Samsung Staron Solid Surface countertops too is how hygienic it is.  It is stain resistant and bacteria resistant. It doesn’t have any pores or nooks and cranny that will allow moisture to stay and when there’s no moisture present then bacteria cannot survive. That’s great for families with kids who just can’t stay still. Toddlers like to explore and sometimes we can’t help them from going in the kitchen to watch mommy work on their favorite foods. If the food made is so delicious they can’t help but grab a bite.  The great advantage of this countertop is the fact that it is one of the few types of solid surfaces that were given the certificate of compliance by NSF. That means it’s safe to be in direct contact with your food so kids who drop their foods on the countertop can just pick it up and eat without any worries about bacteria or molds being ingested.


Everything you need from a countertop is right here. With over 70 designs and colors to choose from you will surely find one that will be perfect for your kitchen. Don’t forget when you need a kitchen countertop look first for the Samsung Staron Solid Surface Countertops and you’ll never look back.


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