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Solid Surface Countertops Cost

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Solid Surface Countertops Cost


solid surface countertop cost

Installing kitchen countertops can cost a lot of money depending on the type of surface you want installed. It can go up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more for the most expensive surface countertops installation. Do take note that when you are after countertops installation, you are considering not just the cost of the surface countertops but also the installation cost of it if you won’t do it yourself.


Solid surface countertops cost are not the cheapest out there as the cheapest one are the laminate countertops. Solid surface is most preferred by many homeowners because it’s of great value and can last for years before in need of replacing. Unlike high end materials such as marble, granite, limestone and others, the solid surface sheets are man-made and can be made to look just like the natural ones. Solid surface countertops can look like the high-end marble, granite, and other types of countertops but at just a small fraction of the cost.


Solid surface countertops cost are available in different brands so you can have a lot of choices. It’s best to check out several manufacturer or brands first before you make a decision on what type of sheet you want to buy to make sure you are getting the most cost-effective choice. Many well-known manufacturers give the best quality solid surfaces for you to choose from and made from materials that will surely last for many years.  They also come in different colors, styles, textures and even comes in metallic pieces to give your kitchen the variety you want. When you say solid surface countertops, people often think about it being a nonporous material that keeps those mold and mildew away. Because it is nonporous, moisture doesn’t have any place to stay so when you wipe the countertop clean, the molds and other bacteria have nowhere to hide so you are assured you’ll be preparing your foods in a clean kitchen top.


Solid surface countertops cost can even be molded to take the shape you like for your kitchen especially in getting rid of the seams. You can also incorporate the kitchen sink with the countertop since it can be bent to create the sink which other types of countertops can’t.


What makes solid surface countertops cost effective is not just because of its initial cost which is lower than the other high end surfaces but because it’s low maintenance. Maintenance cost can sum up to a great amount of money and with this type of countertop you’d be saving up on that. If you see some scratches on your countertop there’s no need to replace it right away. All you need is sandpaper to sand it down and smooth the scratches away and it’s good as new.


It’s really worth it going for this type of surface for your kitchen or even in your bathroom.  This is a material that continues to gain popularity not just to homeowners but also for commercial and industrial establishments because it’s not just cost-effective but it also makes food preparation a lot more sanitary.


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