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Staron Solid Surface Singapore

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Staron Solid Surface Singapore


Staron Solid Surface Singapore


One of the most preferred solid surfaces now in Singapore is the Staron Solid Surface Singapore. It is made by Samsung and it’s well known for being of great quality. If you are looking for a makeover for your kitchen and want to change your countertop then you’d love this type of surface.


Not only will you use the Staron Solid Surface Singapore for kitchen countertops but you can also use it for restrooms. It’s a great choice because it’s durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, easy to clean and comes in many available colors and designs.


For a solid surface to last a really long time it needs to be durable. Since it’s used as a kitchen countertop then it needs to withstand the demands of a very busy kitchen. Even in commercial kitchens the Staron Solid Surface Singapore countertops are being used. No matter how hard the task may be, the countertop will do great because it’s made of an all-acrylic material. In case you end up with scratches or cracks, nothing to fear. The great thing about this type of countertop is that you can easily just sand away those problem areas and the countertop would look just like new again.  It’s advisable to sand out these scratches and cracks because they can keep moisture in and the bacteria will thrive there.  That’s one of the advantages of this countertop too because it’s hygienic. They are non-porous so bacterial growth in this countertop is impossible. They practically have no place to thrive in. Just make sure you wipe off the countertop right after use. A simple wiping off would be all you need to ensure you’d be using a clean countertop.


This countertop is also compliant with NSF. It is one of just a few that have been certified by NSF to be safe for contact with your food. This means you can safely put food on the countertop and eat it straight away without washing because it’s very hygienic and therefore safe.


Whether you’re going for a commercial or a residential kitchen, the Staron Solid Surface Singapore is highly customizable and can fit in any sized room. It can be customized for your kitchen so you won’t have any problem with regards to the size. Also, its design makes it possible to create a seamless kitchen countertop. You can create a bathroom or a kitchen system that is seamless and looks like it’s all made as a single piece.


They offer over 70 colors to choose from so you will surely find the right color that will complement the theme or décor of your kitchen or bathroom. You’ll surely never go wrong with this especially because it’s by Samsung. Singapore and many other countries know that Samsung is a great company with well-known products built for quality and style. The Staron Solid Surface Singapore countertops would surely make your kitchen look great and can last for many years to come. You wouldn’t want any other solid surface countertops after it.


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