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All About Solid Surface For Shower Walls Surrounds

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All about Solid Surface For Shower Walls Surround


solid surface for shower walls


Solid surfaces are one of the most popular solid surface countertop and worktop materials being made today. Made out of materials such as polyester, resin and acrylic among many others they are highly resistant and immensely durable. Solid surfaces shower walls have emerged as being one of the most popular worktop surfaces after the large number of drawbacks that were associated with previous surfaces such as wood or even ceramic. Wood is vulnerable in points more than one and it cannot be illustrated enough. It is not only porous and vulnerable to physical harm but also can breed biological growth which could adversely afflict the food or the other substances that would be put on it. It is also, of course, combustible. The chief drawback that the next ceramic tile had was the fact that it could not really be made out into large slabs without leaving an irregular line or two. These lines became the point of accumulation of dirt and could breed microbial growth. They were very sensitive to heat as well.


solid surface colours


Low Maintenance


Solid surface for shower walls are perfect for many and their huge popularity is due to the fact that they are no real fuss. They can be easily maintained with the only requirement being to clean the surface on a regular basis. A clean solid surface shower surrounds shall ensure that everything stays fine and safe. Besides this, another concern could be the fact that the materials out of which they are made could react with heat and this makes the surface a bit vulnerable to heat though not overtly so. On encountering a scratch, it can easily be undone by the liberal use of sandpaper. The really long warranty adds to its appeal.


Huge Range


solid surface colours


Solid surface for shower walls can be made out into different shapes and sizes without any problems. This makes them able to be fitted in almost any kitchen or bathroom which is highly convenient. Also, they can be given several colours and patterns thus making them attractive and even personalized. It is also to be noted that these surfaces do not easily contract stains making them even better.


The sheer range of the design, type, quality and the price of solid surfaces have really provided it with a lot of popularity since they become the natural choice for most of the kitchens.




A solid surface’s immense strength cannot be stated enough. It can withstand utmost exposure without a hitch. This is also the reason why they come with a warranty of ten years, such is their durability.





In short, a solid surface’s lack of porousness, which wards off bacterial growth, its durability and its resistance to scratches that can just be smoothed over with sandpaper, its low maintenance, and its large range of designs and price ranges make it one of the best countertop materials presently.


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