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Granite vs Quartz- Which one is better?

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Granite vs Quartz- Which one is better?

The game of choosing the right countertop is getting more and more complicated as there are many great options available in the market. Well, even if granite countertop looks damn attractive, you should not settle for any material without analyzing the other options.
We are not saying granite is bad or something but the aim here is to help you make a better and more informed decision about the selection of the right countertop material. In this comparison article, we are going to analyze some interesting details about granite and quartz that might help you to make the right selection of the right material for your kitchen.

Choosing the right Material for Countertops

Even if you think choosing the right material for the countertop is not an important decision, our guide is going to change your mind. Before going into details, let’s start with the basics:

What is Granite?

Granite is a type of igneous rock, meaning that it was formed through the cooling of magma. Granite has always been one of the most preferred materials for kitchen countertops. Due to its durability, resistance to scratch and stain, granite looks fabulous in any kitchen setting. However, there are many other reasons for which many people prefer using granite as their countertop material.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is one of the most popular materials used to make kitchen countertops. It is produced in abundance and has many applications in the market, one of which is for making kitchen countertops. Quartz produces a smooth and easy-to-clean surface that resists stains and scratches. You can select the right type of quartz countertop according to your need such as frost-shielded quartz, standard shielded quartz, mirror quartz, or wall-mounted quartz.

Granite vs Quartz- Which one is better

Countertops made from granite are generally very durable. It is easy to maintain and looks amazing when used in the domestic kitchen setting. However, quartz is becoming more popular these days because of its excellent performance in touch sensitivity. Quartz is generally much cheaper when compared with granite, making it a great alternative for people who are looking for an affordable countertop in their kitchen. Quartz countertop matches the texture of your kitchen setting just perfectly.

1- Appearance

Every granite slab is unique in terms of pattern and not all slabs follow the same pattern. While the quartz countertops are engineered products and offer uniformity in patterns. Personal preferences matter the most when it comes to choosing the right material based on appearance.

2- Cost

Even though quartz is a costly material, it is worth it, when compared with granite. Quartz countertops offer a lot more advantages than granite. Besides being cheap in comparison to granite, quartz countertops are also environmentally friendly.
It doesn’t consume a lot of water and generates less electricity when compared with granite. Besides being an eco-friendly material, quartz tends to be less damaging for your cabinets and flooring material.

3- Convenience

Quartz gives you the freedom to customize it according to your liking without any stress of worrying about maintaining the pattern all the time. It is a perfect choice for people who do not wish to keep up with the precise cutting and shaping process that granite requires.

4- Resilience

While granite is hard and durable, it is susceptible to chips. However, quartz countertops are even more resilient than granite. Besides their resistance to scratches and stains, quartz countertops are also resistant to thermal shock. You can cut or put hotpots on your quartz countertop without affecting the appearance.

5- Heat Resistance

Granite is not resistant to heat like quartz is. Quartz can withstand high-temperature exposure easily while granite tends to lose its luster when exposed to high-temperature exposure for a prolonged period of time.

Final Verdict

Granite is a tough choice if you are looking for a durable material for your kitchen countertops. However, quartz is the appropriate choice if you are looking for something that can withstand high-temperature exposure or thermal shock. Quartz countertops look beautiful in any modern kitchen setting.

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