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Solid Surface vs Quartz- Key Differences

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Solid Surface vs Quartz- Key Differences

The durability, appearance, and cost of quartz or solid surface countertops can make a choice difficult. Here we break down the key differences between quartz and solid surface, so you know what to expect from a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor.

When comparing quartz vs. solid surface, it’s clear that both have advantages, but when it comes down to which material is best for your kitchen remodeling project; it really depends on what you want from your new countertops.

Quartz vs. Solid Surface- Overview

Often made from natural materials like granite, quartz stone, or marble, quartz countertops are a more expensive option for your kitchen renovation project. The benefit of this durable material is that it dissipates heat quicker than most other countertop options. Quartz is also non-porous, so stains won’t show as easily on the surface, and it’s generally easier to clean. Here is a simple table to compare the main factors related to both options:

PropertyQuartzSolid Surface
Hygiene and Food SafetyThese countertops are more hygienic due to non-porous nature of the materialIf the surface has scratches, countertop may trap moisture and dirt
AestheticsSmoother surface with glossy finishUniform appearance and durable and available in different colors
InstallationQuartz installation is quite complicated and required special toolsTypical power saw can be used to cut the solid surface countertops
MaintenanceNo regular maintenance is required and can be cleaned easilyYou might have to polish the surface after some time

On the other hand, solid surface countertops are one of the most popular options because they’re made from more affordable materials. Plastics, natural materials, and resins are all used to create a solid surface countertop that can be installed in your kitchen in a day or two. These cool-to-the-touch countertops are heat resistant and easy to clean too.

Quartz vs. Solid Surface- Heat Resistance

Quartz countertops can withstand higher temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about your countertop cracking or melting like with most other materials. The solid surface countertops are comparatively less heat resistant, which means that if you use a hot pot for cooking your favorite dish, it might affect the surface of your counters.

Quartz vs. Solid Surface- Durability

When you compare quartz vs. solid surface durability, you see that quartz countertops are often more durable in the long run. This is because the materials used to create these countertops are not prone to scratches and force. The solid surface countertops, on the other hand, need to be replaced more frequently since they have a shorter lifespan, and knife cuts can leave marks on the surface.

Quartz vs. Solid Surface- Cost

Since quartz is more expensive than a solid surface, it makes sense that you’d want to go with the cheaper option if your budget is tight. But in general, quartz costs more upfront than solid surface countertops.


Quartz and solid surface countertops have their own pros and cons. For example, the durability of a solid surface is lower than quartz, but it’s very easy to install. Quartz, however, is more expensive upfront than solid surface. For a kitchen renovation project where you want a safer and hygienic surface with ease of installation, quartz countertops are the best option for your budget.

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