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Staron Solid Surface Singapore for Kitchen Remodeling

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Staron Solid Surface Singapore for Kitchen Remodeling


staron solid surface


You don’t need to spend extravagantly in order to get a better looking kitchen. Instead of completely changing your kitchen you can go for a kitchen remodeling at a minimal cost. One thing that is commonly changed when one wants to remodel their kitchen is the kitchen countertops. That’s because many countertops can’t stand the test of time and they get damaged. If you bought your house and think the kitchen is an eyesore, perhaps changing the countertop with something that is more upbeat and can last for a long time and easy to maintain would make a big difference. The Staron Solid Surface Singapore is the best choice because it’s practical, durable, repairable, easy to clean and maintain, hygienic and comes with different colors and designs to complement or highlight your kitchen.



They are very durable because the material used is all-acrylic which means they’d last for many years. If compared to solid surface made from laminate material, the Staron Solid Surface Singapore wins because it’s much more durable. It can withstand being in a very busy kitchen.


The countertop is non-porous which means it is not a place for germs to frolic. Moisture can’t stay in this countertop and the bacteria can’t grow here as well. It’s great too because with just one wipe, stains are gone.


In case you damaged your Staron Solid Surface Singapore slightly such as scratching or chipping it, there’s no need to replace the countertop straight away because it’s one of the advantage of installing this kind of solid surface. These damages can easily be sanded out and your solid surface would look as good as new. Just imagine how much savings you can have by using this process alone and not do a total reinstallation of your solid surface. It’s a great advantage and a real money-saver.


Maintenance is a breeze. After cooking in your kitchen it’s so easy to clean up your solid surface countertop. Just get a cloth or a sponge, damp it in water, and wipe it on your Staron Solid Surface countertop and all the food residue are removed quickly. Just wipe it off and leave it to dry. You can also use a mild detergent just make sure you wipe off the detergent away. Very easy and so convenient anyone can do it in no time.


Having a broad array of designs and colors to choose from means you can opt for the Staron Solid Surface countertop no matter what type of design or theme you want for your kitchen. They have over 70 colors and designs to choose from so you’ll surely find one that would be just perfect for the kitchen you want.


Staron Solid Surface Singapore is manufactured by a company known anywhere in the world. Staron is a brand by Samsung so you know you are getting quality surface because Samsung is known for being a great and dependable brand.


Kitchen remodeling is an opportunity for you to switch to a better surface countertops so choose Staron Solid Surface Singapore.


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