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What To Choose? Quartz Table vs. Solid Surface

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What To Choose? Quartz Table vs. Solid Surface




Surely, it is a very difficult decision to make when thinking to buy a tabletop. For making the right decisions one most know all the pros and cons, all the specifications, and all the prospects they offer.
While, Quartz table top vs. Solid surface seems a major competition. Both yield different advantages that are very diverse as well. Sure, its sounds overwhelming so let us take one-step at a time.


Quartz Table top

First thing first, made with minerals and Quartz, it gives the strength and stability, which naturally can be expected from this material. It is quite impressive, attractive and durable at the same time.


Sturdy thy name is

Made when earth combines silicon and oxygen, forms this very sturdy and strong stone. Ideally, this stone can be used as a table or slab, which can bear immense load. Although, it is quite different from the conventional stone but next to it.

Outlook is important


When cleaned up and made into a slab, the luminous and shiny finish can make any place brighter and more beautiful.



This beautiful slab is not only easy to clean and shine, but the surface does not get damaged very easily, hence it is perfect choice for a busy working area.

Not an adjusting stone


It seems a downside for the Quarts in the battle of quartz tabletop vs. solid surface that it is not easy to shape. Due to being tough, it is not possible to make it curve easily. It takes efforts and skills to transform the shape of slab or stone.

Solid Surface


In this case, solid surfaces are made with different materials mixed with mineral, Chiefly, marble. Since this variations, are made as per preferences as well, they easily accommodate you as needed for your spaces, matching your taste.

Stability and Hardness


Sure, the hardness and sturdiness is not as hard as granite but it is sturdy enough to serve the purpose of tabletop or countertop.



For as it is not very hard to mold into shapes, colors and designs. It can be used in many places where to is hard to use Quartz or even Granite.



The material is non-porous, hence it makes it does not absorb any liquids, does not cause stains, and completely bacteria-free. It proves to be effective for the environment and helps to keep the surface clean.

Not for your weekend installation plans


The material is very hard and it is one of those weekend leisure DIY plans, but need special tools and expertise, hence it is best to get it installed by professional.

Final words


In the battle of quartz tabletop vs. solid surface, it seems hard to define one final winner. Both materials are ideal for counter tops and serve the purpose at its best. It is all about your personal preferences and affordability.

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